Hi there, I'm Jessica!
Hi there, I'm Jessica!


On the journey to where I am today, I’ve had much success, but I’ve failed in a lot of ways too. And I’ve bumped against seemingly immovable ceilings over and over again.

10-Hour CEO is the culmination of all my experiences and teachings.

I’ve proven, and firmly believe, you can have a thriving and abundant business that is built on your unique genius, that feels as good as it sounds, and supports the kind of life you desire to live.

I’m here to tell you, you can have it all in just 10-hours a week!

i'm the daughter of serial entrepreneurs

I’ve been disciplined, hard working, and driven for as long as I can remember. In fact, the harder the path appeared to me, the more merit I believed it had.

Before arriving at my true mission, I explored almost every business model (hair stylist, massage therapist, fitness trainer/competitor, and gym owner), working hard at each one. 

Until I hit a ceiling and plateau that I could not break past… and my health, relationships, and finances began to suffer the longer I resisted the inner journey.

My work ethic had taken me as far as it could

This included overcoming two near bankruptcies, the possibility of a foreclosure, and many… many… sleepless nights worrying about money and how I was ever going to pay my bills and get ahead.

For anyone looking in, my life looked like a success. But on the inside, I was exhausted and miserable. I thought all this was ‘just the price’ of being in business. 

The last place I could look for these answers to the kind of abundant life I wanted to live was inside.

So, I went on an exploration of deep growth, merging business strategy with the inner game. And in just the last decade, I invested over a half million dollars into personal development, mentorship and coaching in order to become a World Class mentor myself.

I cracked the code to modern day business

Instead of being trapped inside the hamster wheel… the shame-based energy of push-push-push, work hard, put in your dues, follow this template or fail’…  the forever hustle mode I’m here to call bullshit on that entire paradigm… 

Today, I live a blissful, on purpose, fulfilled and financially abundant digital nomad life with my husband, Chris, and our two boys, Zachary and Tyler.

For me, endless freedom of time and travel, extraordinary client transformations, a strong sacred union of love, and likeminded global community is what makes this my life’s work and calling.

And, I am so honored you’re in this space with me.

With Love and Gratitude,
Intuitive Business Coach,

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